Media Digitization

Film Reel & Tape Digitization

Many people have old film reels or old video tapes laying around that really need to be digitized so those memories aren't lost forever. 

Formats: 8mm, Super 8mm, VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, MiniDV etc...

Maybe your grandparents or parents have a box in their basement with a bunch of old reels inside.  Can you image how great it would be to make those old reels come alive again? 

This an 8mm reel from the late 50s or early 60s of my father at a family reunion. 

And this is one from 1976

As you can see, I can customize the newly restored video with music and special effects to really make it pop.

Price for 8mm and Super 8mm Reels: $10 per 3" reel (50ft). They do come in larger sizes, but the 3"/50ft reels look like this:


Price for VHS and other tapes: $10/tape up to an hour


Not only should you be digitizing your precious video tapes, but you should also be digitizing your hard copy photos.  These photos should not be sitting in a box or album just wasting away.  I have been scanning photos for over a decade and know how to make Hi-Res scans of your photos.  I actually just finished scanning over 4,000 photos for my family.

I can scan actual hard copies of photos, negatives, and slides. You will receive  very high resolution copies of your phones for archival purposes and you will also receive smaller files that you can use for web and social media.

Send me a message through the Request Page and tell me about the project you need help with and I can get you a quote.